Shaw Direct DSR800 OFFER

Shaw Direct DSR800 OFFER
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  • Item #: DSR800
  • Manufacturer: Shaw Direct
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DSR800
  • Condition: New

BUY 1 for $149.99 AND you will Receive a $150* Hardware (bill) Credit PLUS 1 Free Install*

BUY 2 for $299.98 AND you will Receive a $300* Hardware (bill) Credit PLUS 2 Free Installs*

BUY 3 for $449.97 AND you will Receive a $450* Hardware (bill) Credit PLUS 3 Free Installs*




*Offer available for a limited time and is subject to change without notice. Regular prices are subject to change. Taxes extra. Available to qualified customers who haven't been subscribed to Shaw Direct for the past 180 days. Basic installation is provided at no cost for the initial Essential HD Receiver or initial Advanced HDPVR 830. Installation fees for additional receivers shall be $49.99 (DSR600/800) and $99.99 (DSR630/830). Maximum of 6 receivers per account. A multi-receiver fee (MRF) of $6.02 may apply for customers with two or more receivers. Shipping fees may apply. Rental equipment must be returned to Shaw Direct if your services are cancelled.  Limit of two PPV/VOD coupons per customer. Coupons must be used within 3 months of activation and will credit the value of up to 2 PPV/VOD rental titles, each valued at $7.99 or less. Coupon will not apply to events or adult titles. Channel availability varies by market. An included fee of 0.5% of your monthly satellite TV charges applies to fund Shaw Direct's contribution to the CRTC's Local Programming Improvement Fund.


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Price C$149.99
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